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Janet - dental implant patient
"I'm No Longer In Pain Because Of My Full Arch Dental Implants."

Hello. My name is Janet and I had a full arch implants done by Dr. Boltchi. I’ve had problems with my teeth all my life. I had real weak enamel and so they deteriorated and they deteriorated quickly as I become an adult. I had a bridge and some crowns and I didn’t like wearing the bridge, it hurts. It was just too much. And so, when I had an opportunity to get implants, I looked up the best doctors in the Dallas Fort Worth area because I wanted the best. I had heard about you can get them in one day, well, that makes me leary.

I want the best and so I went to a cosmetic dentist and they referred me to Dr. Boltchi. I knew that I wanted something permanent. My teeth had hurt for a long time even after I came to Dr. Boltchi, I went on vacation and had a tooth become an abscess while I was in Mexico, and you really don’t want that to happen. It was just a big relief to get, very nice lady who presented to us with failing dentition. She had basically here everything done. It’s permanent. I don’t have to worry about it ever again and that’s really what I was looking for and it’s what I got.

It's permanent. I don't have to worry about it ever again and that's really what I was looking for and it's what I got.

Janet - holding her before picture and smiling

Dr. Boltchi:

Janet is a very whole entire life been in and out of the dentist chair. And basically, nobody has come up with a comprehensive treatment plan for her to address her entire condition. They were just fixing things that were there. And it was to a point where Janet could not smile anymore and she could not eat properly. So, she wanted to have a comprehensive solution to finally get something that is long-lasting.

For Janet, we decided that her teeth on the upper and lower jaws were not basically good enough to be kept. So, we extracted them, we replace them all with implant-fixed reconstructions, and now she’s a whole new person. She comes in regularly for her cleaning appointments. She’s become one of our favorite patients, and she can smile and laugh and basically is very confident.


It’s so worth it. And Dr/ Boltchi has done a fantastic job. I mean even whenever they put the temporaries in and you have to wear those for some months. But when you get them done, it’s just like you feel like a different person. It’s the best. The pain is gone. Never have any pain. Never have to worry about any pain. I get compliments on my smile all the time. Matter of fact, my friend, somebody said something about them the other day she goes, “Man, people talk about your teeth all the time.” And I said well, they were a good investment.

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