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Compared to other dental practices in Arlington, TX, one of the things that sets us apart at DFW Implant Center is the range of services provided by our in-house dental laboratory. Lab services and custom fabrications are crucial for most aspects of dental implant surgery, and having an in-house team dramatically improves the patient experience both in terms of results and turnaround time. With our full-time in-house dental lab technician, we are able to manage the entire implant process from start to finish, culminating in a patient experience that is like no other in Arlington, TX. Our lab uses advanced state-of-the-art technology to deliver leading results across a variety of implant procedures, including full mouth dental reconstructions.

Dr. Boltchi

Dr. Farhad Boltchi

How A High-Tech Dental Office Benefits You

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Advanced Dental Lab Services in Arlington, TX

Among the advanced technology used in our in-house dental lab is a 3D printer, which we use to fabricate guides across a variety of complex dental procedures. 3D technology is quickly altering the landscape of dental implant protocol, and is leading to better results and faster turnaround times than ever. Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi is also fascinated with up-and-coming dental technology, meaning the team at DFW Implant Center is at the forefront of dental implant progression in Arlington, TX.

In addition to our 3D printing technologies, our in-house lab also includes a CEREC Mill Machine, which utilizes the best and most up-to-date CAD/CAM technology to produce perfect, lifelike restorations for each and every patient. This technology is essentially a camera, computer, and a precision prosthesis manufacturer all in one. CEREC technology incorporates the latest 3D imaging software to produce an accurate, highly detailed representation of a patient’s oral arch, which is absolutely crucial when it comes to delivering perfect, flawless restorations during implant procedures.
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The advantages and benefits of in-house dental lab services are manifest in dozens of different ways through a variety of dental procedures. Learn more about our in-house lab processes!

The Benefits of an In-House Dental Laboratory

One of the things that often holds up completion of an implant procedure is having to wait on custom restorations that have been fabricated in a third-party dental lab. With our in-house dental lab team, DFW Implant Center offers some of the fastest implant turnaround times in Arlington, TX.

In-house dental lab services also offer the ability for increased doctor-to–patient communication. Having the patient, the periodontist, and the dental lab tech all under the same roof is crucial to producing unparalleled, world-class results for implant surgeries.

In addition to 3D printing technologies and our advanced CEREC mill machine, the team at DFW Implant Center is also anticipating the ability to print polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and Hybridge arches for full arch dental implant procedures [LINK TO “Full Mouth Dental Implants”]. This will revolutionize the dental implant experience for patients in Arlington, TX.

The ability to fabricate restorations in-house is priceless in terms of enhancing and optimizing the overall patient experience. Our lab technician creates elite implant restorations that are highly specific to each patient, meaning unparalleled results for the temporary prosthesis.

At DFW Implant Center, our team operates on the simple philosophy that the patient always comes first. In fact, this is the philosophy that galvanized our team to set up a fully operational in-house lab. Our aim is to provide faster turnaround times and better results for every implant patient we see, and this is only possible with an in-house lab.

In-House Dental Lab Services in Arlington, TX

Effective Results, Efficient Turnaround Times.

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