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A dental emergency can be a scary, painful time for you. We know that you want quick relief, and we’re here to deliver it. When feasible, we’ll clear our schedule to provide expert-level emergency treatment that same day. Did you know that a periodontist can handle many emergency situations that you might think require an emergency room visit? Periodontists are specialists who complete three years of advanced training after dental school, with a focus on dental implant placement, gum infections, and other soft tissue conditions. From the commonplace to the complex, we can offer a broad range of emergency dentistry services in Arlington, TX.

We offer a variety of emergency dentistry treatments at DFW Implant Center.

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Emergency Treatments

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Making you comfortable and helping you heal are always our top priorities.

Modern Equipment, Prompt Treatment

Our treatment rooms are equipped with modern dental technology that enables us to provide you with quick, accurate diagnoses, and prompt care. To make you comfortable, we can offer one or more types of sedation while you’re undergoing treatment. In addition, our entire facility and array of equipment are fully compliant with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Dental Association (ADA) standards of sterilization for your complete health, safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Our team wears all required personal protective equipment (PPE) while performing any examination or procedure.
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Is This a Medical Emergency?

IMPORTANT: If you’re experiencing head or neck pain, have excessive bleeding, are dizzy, or have sustained severe trauma, you should seek medical attention immediately by calling 911 or by having someone take you to the closest emergency medical facility. Dedicated medical personnel are best prepared to assist you in such cases.

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