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At DFW Implant Center in Arlington, TX, we’re well aware of the many struggles patients face when they are missing teeth. Missing and/or severely damaged teeth can drain your self-confidence, crush your self-esteem, and instill anxiety at just the thought of smiling in public. Most importantly, however, missing teeth can result in immense pain and discomfort, making it nearly impossible to carry out simple acts like eating and speaking. This is why Dr. Farhad E. Boltchi has dedicated his career to perfecting the dental implant process. Restorative dental implant surgery offers life-changing results, and with over 25 years of implant experience, Dr. Boltchi represents the best option in Arlington, TX for receiving a brilliant brand-new set of teeth.

"Are your missing or damaged teeth causing you pain? Is your dental health making you self-conscious? It's time for a change."

A Periodontist With 25 Years of Dental Implant Experience

Dr. Boltchi is a trained periodontist, meaning he specializes in complex implant procedures involving the gums and underlying bone structures that support the teeth. While most general dentists do not possess the skill or expertise to carry out advanced implant procedures, Dr. Boltchi and his clinical staff at DFW Implant Center have the skill, experience and technology to transform even the most damaged set of teeth into a stunning new smile!

Dr. Boltchi will place polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) provisional full arches during the procedure. DFW Implant Center refers patients out for placement of the final full arch prosthesis (i.e., your permanent set of replacement teeth). Dr. Boltchi has extensive experience in a variety of dental implant procedures, including implant-supported dentures and full mouth dental implants. An in-depth consultation is required in order to determine which type of dental implant surgery is right for you.

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Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Understanding the Full Arch Implant Process

Step 1: Consultation with Dr. Boltchi

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The first step of the dental implant process is to visit DFW Implant Center for an in-depth consultation with Dr. Boltchi. Each patient’s oral health condition is unique, which means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to dental implant surgery. With the help of advanced imaging technology, Dr. Boltchi and his team will be able to adequately determine which type of implant procedure will be most beneficial for you and your oral health needs.

In some instances, bone grafting procedures may be required in order to build up enough jawbone to accept and support an implant. Again, this is a determination that must be made by Dr. Boltchi after a thorough oral health consultation (which often includes X-rays and other imaging processes). During your consultation, Dr. Boltchi will also be able to provide a rough time frame in terms of when you can expect to receive your provisional set of new teeth.

Step 2: Implant Surgery

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If you are deemed an adequate implant candidate after thorough consultation, the team at DFW Implant Center will schedule your implant surgery. Again, the complexity of each patient’s case can vary greatly depending on a variety of oral health considerations. Typically, however, implant surgery is completed in a single visit to our practice in Arlington, TX. This is when Dr. Boltchi places the titanium implant posts, as well as the provisional PMMA full arch.

For the safety and comfort of each patient, DFW Implant Center also offers a full range of sedation options. In many instances, patients do not even remember the procedure itself! Transportation to and from the office will have to be arranged in the event that full sedation is used.

Step 3: Follow-Up and Recovery

Last but not least, it is imperative to maintain the follow-up and recovery protocols set forth by the dental experts at DFW Implant Center. In order for full healing to occur, the titanium implant post must accept and permanently fuse with the jawbone. Depending on a variety of factors, this process can take anywhere from three to eight months.

Of course, the long-term benefits of dental implants far outweigh the months of recovery that are required for the implant posts to fuse with the jaw. After healing, your implants will return up to 99% of the functionality of your natural teeth, and unlike traditional dentures, implants are far less prone to moving, meaning less friction on the gums and a more pain-free experience overall.

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Dental Implants For People With Severe Bone Loss

The Lifelong Advantages of Dental Implants

For patients that are missing teeth – and/or patients with teeth that are in advanced stages of decay – there is no better alternative than fixed dental implants. Missing teeth often lead to jawbone loss, which can cause severe and extensive oral health complications. Inadequate corrections (including placement of traditional dentures) can even lead to serious physical health complications. This is why it is so important to correct missing teeth with expertly-placed dental implants. With over 25 years of experience in implant surgery, Dr. Boltchi is the periodontist you need to correct your missing teeth and restore not only your smile, but your happiness and self-confidence, as well.

Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts also strives to make permanent dental implants as accessible and affordable as possible for patients across Arlington, TX. We realize that the cost of dental implants can be stress-inducing, which is why we offer a variety of payment options for patients in a broad range of financial situations. No patient should ever have to forgo quality dental care based on their financial situation, and this is one of our ongoing goals here at Boltchi Perio Implant Concepts. If you’re tired of the pain, discomfort and lack of self-confidence that comes along with missing teeth, take the first step toward improving your oral health and get in touch today with our world-class team of dental implant experts.

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