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Jan dental implant patient
"I Have A Lot More Self Confidence Now Due To My Implant Supported Dentures."

Hi. My name is Jan and I got implant-supported dentures done by Dr. Boltchi. I ended up at Dr. Boltchi’s office because about 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with periodontal disease, severe periodontal disease and I began to lose my teeth. Well, as a young child, my parents really can’t afford dental care. So, I did not really start dental care until I was raising my children. And they of course, came first. So, by the time I went to for dental care, the anxiety was high anyway. And then, I had a bad experience with a local anesthetic that caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. And so, then that just amped the anxiety in regard to dentist, which caused me to put off procedures that I probably should have done earlier due to that fear, because of the anesthesia.

I was right recommended to Dr. Boltchi for his excellent work, came to his office, and found his staff to be amazing. His bedside manner is amazing. He is warm and caring and the staff is very much like family. Dr. Boltchi explained everything as we went through from the very beginning when I came and x-rays were done and then he gave me a treatment plan. He was very specific as to what would be done, what I would experience, and what I would feel. He was just very specific and laid it all out for me so I knew what to expect going into it.

Dr. Boltchi explained everything as we went through from the very beginning when I came and x-rays were done and then he gave me a treatment plan.

Jan - dental implant patient

Dr. Boltchi:

So, when we first saw Jan, she basically had a debilitating condition and she basically could not smile, and she could not properly eat because she was missing a lot of teeth, and the teeth that she had were really not in good shape. So, what we decided to do for Jan was basically to remove the remaining teeth which were hopeless, and to basically replace everything with dental implant-supported reconstructions. And after we completed her care, Jan, basically, now was able not just to smile, but most importantly also to function and finally eat properly, and that change her whole outlook on life and just the whole outlook and personality.


Honestly, I cried happy tears the first time I looked in the mirror because I avoided looking in the mirror as much as I could other than necessary, just because my teeth were in such bad shape. So, the first time they handed me a mirror and I looked in the mirror, I started crying, I didn’t intend to but I did. It was overwhelming the difference. I do have a lot more self-confidence now because I can laugh and smile widely and not try to cover it with my hand or make sure that I’m behind someone in a group photograph and I’m able to eat pretty much anything I want to eat now. So, I can have my carrots and ranch again with no issues.

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