Dental Bone Graft

Restore your jaw bone to a natural, healthy look.

A dental bone graft is a surgical procedure where Dr. Boltchi places natural or synthetic bone tissue in areas where your jaw bone needs more support. The bone in your jaw may be damaged or lost due to previous decay, disease, or trauma. One of the more common purposes for a dental bone graft is to strengthen your jaw bone to hold a dental implant.

While hidden underneath your gums, the bone of your jaw and the dental arch is vital to the health and functionality of your smile. Often, when decay or disease is left untreated for a long period of time, bone loss can result. You can also experience bone fractures and cracks when dental trauma or accidents occur. At DFW Implant Center, we offer bone grafting to strengthen the bone and aid in the healing process.

Bone Graft for Dental Implants

Dental Implants are a wonderful option for patients in good health. Before your periodontist performs the dental implant procedure, he will evaluate your dentition. If the surrounding bone structure is lacking, then a bone graft procedure is an excellent option. Bone grafting replaces the missing or damaged bone. After healing, you will be ready for a dental implant procedure.

A strong dental arch is necessary to hold the dental implant. Not to mention, your neighboring teeth are relying on a strong jaw bone. A dental implant will support your jaw bone by stimulating your gums similar to your natural teeth. Then, you will have a beautiful healthy smile to show off.

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